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"I must be idle."

Welcome to my blog!


When the website moved (July 2019) posts and comments of the previous 10 years could not be imported. However, a small selection of posts from that decade have been copied over.

If you like my stuff, read, comment, subscribe to the blog. You'll find blog posts on a variety of subjects, but since I'm an author it's perhaps not too surprising that there's a fair number of posts about writing, books, and authors. No book reviews, though: they're on my Patreon, along with other bookish posts and more behind-the-scenes posts about my books and characters, as well as large amounts of fiction every month. 

Upcoming imaginary events

I have imaginary events on the family calendar I share with my husband. (It delights him as much as it does me, so yes, a match made in...

Dream It Up: Write It Down

This very short post below is something I posted to my writer’s group. After posting it, I decided to share it here, for the writers who...

Love and Respect

I am so sick of all the violence. Killing isn’t the answer to anything. Hate is never a good thing. Over the 4th of July weekend, there...

…don’t kill them

So much has already been written about the events in Orlando that my own thoughts will be brief. It’s almost too painful to think about....

Insomnia for Authors

Don’t think about the book you’re writing. Don’t tell yourself that you’re just telling yourself a bedtime story. Don’t imagine...

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