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"I must be idle."




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Insomnia for Authors

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

  • Don’t think about the book you’re writing.

  • Don’t tell yourself that you’re just telling yourself a bedtime story.

  • Don’t imagine extraneous scenes for characters in your book, complete with dialogue.

  • Don’t delude yourself that you’re dreaming when your characters are doing all kinds of stupid things. You’re still writing in your head.

  • Don’t think about the mosquito bites.

  • Don’t scratch.

  • Don’t itch.

  • Don’t…Don’t imagine elaborate brand new backstories for characters in your next book, with scenes, dialogue, exposition and...chapter breaks.

  • Don’t rewrite existing scenes in your head over and over. That’s not sleeping; it’s obsessing.

  • Don’t draft a blog post about insomnia

In my memory this was longer and funnier. Or at least I thought it was. 😉

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