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"I must be idle."




Welcome to my blog!

If you like my stuff, read, comment, subscribe to the blog. You'll find blog posts on a variety of subjects, but since I'm an author it's perhaps not too surprising that there's a fair number of posts about writing, books, and authors. No book reviews, though: they're on my Patreon, along with other bookish posts and more behind-the-scenes posts about my books and characters, as well as large amounts of fiction every month. 

Goodbye Patreon

I've been having chronic health problems which have interfered with my being able to put in the necessary time and energy writing. Yesterday I posted the following to my Patreon. I'm copying the post here because, although it's a public post, it won't be available for much longer.

After giving it much thought over the past several months, I've decided to close down my Patreon. I've had chronic health problems for over a year. After being passed from doctor to doctor, some minor problems have been resolved, but the chronic problem I've had for so long now appears to be something I'll be coping with indefinitely. I can't predict what I'll feel like or be able to do from day to day. Although I do sometimes have a good run of "good days", they're mostly spent trying to catch up with myriad non-writing things I let hang fire because of "bad days". Writing takes a lot of energy and quality time that I just don't have enough of, or don't reliably have enough of. The process of Patreon account deletion, as I understand it, is not instantaneous, so you should be able to drop a comment if you wish. I appreciate your support and enthusiasm over the years; I truly wish I was able to complete the books I've been working on for so long, but that seems unlikely unless something changes. Patreon was a good way to subsidize my writing while I was writing, but it's built for creators who are producing creative work on a regular basis, and that hasn't been the case for me for a very long time. Ever the optimist, I've been reluctant to pull the plug, but it's time---past time---to end my Patreon. Again, thank you so much for all your support.

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