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"I must be idle."




Welcome to my blog!

If you like my stuff, read, comment, subscribe to the blog. You'll find blog posts on a variety of subjects, but since I'm an author it's perhaps not too surprising that there's a fair number of posts about writing, books, and authors. No book reviews, though: they're on my Patreon, along with other bookish posts and more behind-the-scenes posts about my books and characters, as well as large amounts of fiction every month. 

My Patreon is now live!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

My Patreon is now live! I’ve got two public posts up. This month and next it’ll be double everything, without double cost! (It’s mthly not per thing.) Three tiers, low entry level, lots of fiction! Rewards, starting tomorrow! 🚀🛸

Everything you need to know about my Patreon is right there on the page. Additionally, one of the public posts gives a teaser of what this month’s rewards will be for subscribers. Come explore imaginary worlds with me and meet interesting fictional characters!

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