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"I must be idle."




Welcome to my blog!

If you like my stuff, read, comment, subscribe to the blog. You'll find blog posts on a variety of subjects, but since I'm an author it's perhaps not too surprising that there's a fair number of posts about writing, books, and authors. No book reviews, though: they're on my Patreon, along with other bookish posts and more behind-the-scenes posts about my books and characters, as well as large amounts of fiction every month. 

Pack a bag for the mis-enchanted city of Seaport!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I'm launching my next project on Patreon AND, for one week only, everyone will have access to the first two chapters of Hotel Reverie, the first book in a contemporary fantasy/magic realism series I'm working on! Hotel Reverie is the first of a series set in the mis-enchanted city of Seaport, a beach town drenched in opposing magical forces. Each book will be more-or-less self-contained, but linked by a continuing cast of characters and the setting. I'm weaving a big thing together! On Aug 27th, access to Chapters 1 and 2 will revert back to subscriber-only, and less than a week after that Chapter 3 will go up for subscribers to my Patreon. Subscribe now if you want to continue the story.

I'm also doing short stories set in Seaport! The first one will debut in October, and I should have the next one out 3-4 months after that. 

Tell your friends!!! Hurry, while Chapters 1 & 2 are still accessible to non-subscribers! Subscribe (if you haven't already)! Now is an excellent time to subscribe---there's over a year's worth of fiction---both short and novel length---up for $1 subscribers, and the new series of novels is about to launch, right there! (Not to mention character sketches and scenes, and book reviews for other tiers.) Also, if you're not in the US, subscriptions are now available in British pounds and Euros.

Pack a bag for the mis-enchanted city of Seaport! 

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