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"I must be idle."




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Pop Quiz: The Lemonade Alternative

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

When Life gives you lemons…just keep writing! Photo by Ainy Rainwater.

When life gives you lemons:

a. make lemonade

b. add lemons to tea because you’ll need caffeine to get through whatever it is.

c. make potpouri from the lemon rinds after tea because the scent of lemons makes people feel more alert and, clearly, the caffeine isn’t enough.

d. trade the lemons for limes because they go better with tequila

e. keep writing

Bad things, annoying things, unexpected things will, reliably, happen in one’s life. There will always be things that either distract from, or interrupt, writing. The point is to keep writing. Even if it’s not much, or not often, or not good. Just keep writing.

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