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"I must be idle."




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Yesterday: the essence of a spring day

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Yesterday I took a much-needed break. It was a beautiful day, impossible to stay in: dogs playing birds sing patio squirrels trees backyard tea greenness dappled sunlight books.

A very small, very fast, bird did touch-n-go raids on the bird feeder. Squirrels lurked in trees impatiently waiting for me and the dogs to leave. We didn’t. Not for a long time. Laughing Gulls passed overhead cackling like they’re sharing some hysterical joke as they headed back to the coast from their holiday inland.

Kicked off my shoes, kicked back, as the afternoon slid slowly toward evening. Made more tea, then headed back outside with dogs and book for more reading and dreaming amidst the greenness and the golden light. I loved this moment: when the late afternoon sun shines on my shaggy dog, surrounding him with a golden aura. Shimmering like some magical beast, panting like a real dog.

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